The Allure of Seemingly Preternatural Talent

I think it probably makes sense to populate my blog with the sort of searing insight that can only be found in free content generated by a non-expert, only posting when I am absolutely devoured by the muse, spit whole into your eye-places in the form of precious, transcendent art.

But barring that, I guess I’ll settle for linking to other people’s far better works.

So, a handful of pretty impressive musical things have found their way across my screen(s) in the recent past.  One of them is this:

Clearly this woman was born to sing in this semi-strange, other-worldy manner.  I wonder what she’d be doing if she wasn’t doing this for a living?  Was there ever any other path for her?  There’s something really mesmerizing about this performance, and that was somewhat enhanced by just stumbling upon it on television in the wee small hours, coming at it with no expectations; as weird and miraculous as a six-fingered hand.

The Onion’s AV Club is a great site, and I like that their coolster tastes are still somewhat approachable; they’ll wax rhapsodic about the the latest Wes Anderson movie, but they’ll also post an essay (tacitly) giving Phil Collins his due – as one should.  For as we all know, The Collins, lest his hunger be sated, is fearsome to behold.

Anyweiner, here is an interesting article about the Gathering of the Juggalos (gosh I hope I spelled that right!).  Now it does fall into a bit of exoticism but it is a fascinating portrait nonetheless.,83814/

And speaking of those 2nd city no-good-niks at Onion Corp., they’ve been producing a pretty excellent series of live cover songs, essentially asking indie-credible bands to cover well-known songs.  There are some flat out duds in there, but there are also some really interesting takes on some very familiar material.  Ever wondered what Iron and Wine would sound like covering George Michael?  Well, wonder no longer! (*spoilers: it sounds beautiful!)

But I’m not linking to that one.  This one is by that one guy from the movie “Once,” an Irish girl (I think), and some guy with a beard (psyche! BOTH these guys have beards!).  As always, my pop culture references and knowledge of current hip things tends to be a bit incomplete.  I’m sure they’re all very nice people that deserve to be on a first name basis with me.  They certainly sing great.

Do you like The Band and really nice harmony vocals?  I sure do.

Glen Hansard, Lisa Hannigan & John Smith cover The Band

Here’s another one from that series – a bluegrass (I think?) band doing a cover of Arcade Fire that is appreciably better than the original.

Trampled By Turtles covers Arcade Fire

And, ok, one more.  Do you want to hear Superchunk playing The Cure?  Well, I sure did.  I saw them play at Bimbo’s in SF once upon a time and they closed with Born to Run.  Pretty great.

Superchunk covers The Cure

And I think that’s about that.

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2 Responses to The Allure of Seemingly Preternatural Talent

  1. apocalypseweather says:

    Man I love Florence Welsh. She can have my gay babies any time. As long as she sings to them.

  2. Linda says:

    Nice! Now my morning will be filled with wonderful cover songs!

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