Did you like that exclamation mark? Intense, right??

Anyway, I’ve received three short story rejections (same story) between 8/24/13 and today (8/28/13). One of those happened over a weekend, so presumably it may have happened even faster had I submitted on, say, Monday the 26th. And since it was the notoriously quick-triggered Clarkesworld Magazine, I think that’s probably true.

One of the rejections happened with a little over twelve hours between submission and rejection — and included a personal rejection to boot. That’s crazy!

I haven’t submitted a short story (until this past week) for well over a year (as my handy spreadsheet tells me), and it was definitely a different situation then. Has something changed in the publishing world?

I have to say, there is nothing better than a fast rejection. Sure, a quick response from any publication couldn’t be anything other than a rejection, because, no matter how quick the rejection process gets, I can’t see how the acceptance process gets any quicker than it is. Most publications seem to have a layered approach to acceptance. So, you don’t get that little rush prior to opening the email that you might get if the rejection came two months after submission. What would an acceptance received 12 hours after submission even look like? “I’ll take it! [Contract attached]”?

But a fast rejection frees up a story to be submitted elsewhere. On average, I submit a short story 6.5 times. I don’t know if that’s a lot or a little, but if every publication held stories for even a month, that’s a pretty good amount of time to wring one’s hands. Which of course I know, since I’ve done that.

I should say, I’m kind of ambivalent about this story. I wrote it quickly and I don’t know if I put much thought into it. I just kind of chased a feeling through it. So, even though that stupid feeling is in there, I kind of recognize its half-ass nature. And since I’m not even close to immune to the rejection sting, now I’m (naturally) having thoughts like, “Yeah, of course they rejected this story — it’s nonsense.” And then, since it’s being rejected so fast, I’m also thinking things like, “Wow, this is an easy story to reject. I probably should have revised this a thousand or so more times.”

Whatever. Moving on.

Oh, and I sent out another wave of novel queries on 8/21/13, and I’ve received a couple rejections already.


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2 Responses to Rejection!

  1. Linda says:

    Keep going! I can’t wait to fill me rejection binder!! Or plaster them on the wall like some sort of insane obsessive wallpaper.

  2. Skye says:

    “I have to say, there is nothing better than a fast rejection.” Yeah, there is. An acceptance. Which I hear you’ve gotten before. And you will again. Snaps for getting out there.

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