I am a writer, musician, worker bee, and I am now the proud owner of a baby blog.

I have always been pretty good at being pretty good at things.


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  1. Colleen Murphy says:

    I was Emily’s 8th grade English teacher, Ms. Vorisek, now Ms. Murphy. She was a genius writer then; I couldn’t believe what the Universe had given me to teach! We bonded, like sisters, immediately, and shared an unbelievable year together – this 13-year-old tornado and a 30-something suburban teacher, used-to-be-poet. We kept in touch on and off, and had recently gotten in touch again. I loved Emily deeply, then and still now, and am so grateful folks like you got to know her, as well. As I wrote on my coldolence today (just found out this morning , through Lizzie ), I realized that she made everything around her shine more brightly, hum with more energy, feel completely alive. Perhaps she tapped into the Energy too deeply that night, and blew a fuse. Your panegyric captured her ; thank you.

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