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Rogue One

I, like a lot of people, saw Star Wars: Rogue One. And like a smaller subset of a lot of people, but still probably a whole lot of people, I have some thoughts about it that I want to write … Continue reading

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Politics (again)

  Well, I really, truly, honestly thought I would write just the one thing about politics, but here I am again. On Tuesday 11/9/16 at around 6pm PST I put my one-year-old daughter to bed, and as I laid her … Continue reading

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In two days Americans will vote for president, and their choices will be Donald Trump, a failed business man-turned-reality-TV star; or Hillary Clinton, a career politician who is also the first female candidate for president of either major party. I’m terrified. The … Continue reading

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Handmade Nostalgia

*Major spoilers for the TV shows “Stranger Things” and “Mr. Robot.” So there you go! It’s been very interesting to see the ways that television content is splintering into increasingly narrow shards. How the hell did Maria Bamford get a sitcom-style TV … Continue reading

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Check in

It’s been over a year since I wrote in this blog! That wasn’t intentional. But, we had a baby. Having a baby is all the things everyone, everywhere has always said: profound, involving, exhausting, wonderful, etc. All of that is … Continue reading

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I quit smoking a couple of months ago, after being a smoker for twenty years. At this point it seems pretty likely that I’ll stay quit. The physical withdrawal has passed, the habit has been (mostly) broken, and the balance has shifted … Continue reading

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A story of mine that was accepted in 2012 was finally published this past week. This is my first fiction sale, so obviously this is a pretty big deal for me. But sure, the amount of time between acceptance and publication has definitely … Continue reading

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