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Handmade Nostalgia

*Major spoilers for the TV shows “Stranger Things” and “Mr. Robot.” So there you go! It’s been very interesting to see the ways that television content is splintering into increasingly narrow shards. How the hell did Maria Bamford get a sitcom-style TV … Continue reading

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Gilmore Girls

My wife and I just finished watching Gilmore Girls in its entirety. We watched it a little out of order — seasons 4-7 first, and then we came back through seasons 1-3. I kind of tuned out at some point … Continue reading

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I haven’t watched a baseball game start-to-finish for maybe ten or more years. It’s a wonderful game to play — the big, wide openness of the field; the brightness of summer skies and the anxiousness of sitting in a dugout, on … Continue reading

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Luther, etc.

I was really looking forward to getting some reading and writing done over the long holiday, but I didn’t get very far on any of that. On Sunday, I did do something I’ve meant to do for a long time, … Continue reading

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Why Babylon 5 is the Worst Best Thing in Televised Science Fiction – Ever

Telling someone you love Babylon 5 is a powerful admission, since to the uninitiated,  the show is nearly indefensible.  Only “those people” are fans of Babylon 5; there are no casual fans of B5. I remember first seeing it in … Continue reading

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