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A story of mine that was accepted in 2012 was finally published this past week. This is my first fiction sale, so obviously this is a pretty big deal for me. But sure, the amount of time between acceptance and publication has definitely … Continue reading

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Not of Symbolic Significance

In works of narrative fiction, transitions might have symbolic markers. Probably not so much in real life. So, after being very busy for several months, I’m trying not to ascribe any special meaning to waking up this week with a burst blood vessel in … Continue reading

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The Busyness

It’s definitely been a busy time for me. Lots of activity… Travel, pressure at work, and now my wife and I are trying to buy a house. The whole house thing has gone from nothing to everything over the course … Continue reading

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Luther, etc.

I was really looking forward to getting some reading and writing done over the long holiday, but I didn’t get very far on any of that. On Sunday, I did do something I’ve meant to do for a long time, … Continue reading

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But Why?

I wonder if I’ll ever be the kind of writer that sits down to write a story and has a clear idea of what the story will be and what it’s supposed to mean and accomplish. But I think that there are writers … Continue reading

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Did you like that exclamation mark? Intense, right?? Anyway, I’ve received three short story rejections (same story) between 8/24/13 and today (8/28/13). One of those happened over a weekend, so presumably it may have happened even faster had I submitted … Continue reading

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A Whole Lot of Nothin’

I finished a draft of my novel a couple months ago, and at the time, I wanted to write a blog about how awesome it was to be done with the book. But I didn’t, and I guess it was … Continue reading

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