Oh the things we will see…

Here are some thing that I’ve been involved with, done, participated in, manifested.  Thanks to the semi-permanence of the invisible lattice from whence we hang, we will live in this place forevermore! (until the links break and we all forget the past)

I voiced a puppet!  Lots of them!  With other people!  And a green screen!


I had a band with my wife.  We wrote songs, recorded them, and then played them live, often in front of several people at a time in various small rooms within twenty miles of each other.  We made dozens of dollars and became fabulous hundredaire fat-cats!  Also – remember myspace.com?  Whatever became of that sleazy uncle of a website?


I used to make up stuff to musicate all by my lonesome too, and based on some of the text at this link, was a bit over-earnest and pretentious.  Also – not a good singer.  Sorry about that.  You were warned!



One Response to Oh the things we will see…

  1. Linda says:

    This all seems so familiar…

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